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Universal Beam 13M

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A Universal beam is used in construction and civil engineering as a support for buildings to ensure that the structure is strong enough.



The web (vertical part of the  “I”) withstands hard forces, while the flange (horizontal part of the “I”) endures bending movements. Sizes are determined by the web, flange and weight per metre.

Additional information

(Size MM) X KG/M

(203X133) X 25.0KG/M, (203X133) X 30.0KG/M, (254X146) X 31.0KG/M, (254X146) X 37.0KG/M, (254X146) X 43.0KG/M, (305X102) X 25.0KG/M, (305X102) X 28.0KG.M, (305X102) X 33.0KG/M, (305X165) X 40.0KG/M, (305X165) X 46.0KG/M, (356X171) X 45.0KG/M, (356X171) X 51.0KG/M, (356X171) X 67.0KG/M, (406X140) X 39.0KG/M, (406X178) X 54.0KG/M, (406X178) X 60.0KG/M, (457X191) X 67.0KG/M


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