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Sand is an important resource in Bloemfontein and is widely used in the construction industry. There are several sand quarries located in and around the city, which provide sand for various applications, including concrete production, plastering, and as a component in various building materials.

In Bloemfontein, you can find different types of sand, including building sand, plaster sand, and river sand. Building sand is a type of fine sand that is used in mortar for bricklaying and plastering. Plaster sand is a finer type of sand that is used for plastering walls and making mortar. River sand is a coarse type of sand that is often used for filling and bedding in construction projects.

The staff at the DIY Superstore can help you choose the right type of sand for your project and can provide advice on the amount you will need and any other related products or tools that you may need.

If you’re looking for sand and stone for a specific project in Bloemfontein, it’s a good idea to check with your local DIY Superstore. They also have delivery services available to help you get the sand to your location. DIY Superstore’s Sand and Stone / Sand en Klip have a great reputation for the quality of materials.

DIY Superstore is proud to be Bloemfontein’s dedicated stone, sand and gravel supplier. One Call & You Get It ALL.

Suppliers of all types of sand, all sizes of stone, gravel, garden soil, compost and cement.

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