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You deserve quality without compromising on style. You deserve professional board cutting and edging services that deliver exceptional results every time. At DIY Superstore, we specialise in providing top-notch services using the finest materials, including Melamine boards and Formica Tops. Whether you need precise CNC cutting, professional board edging, or a combination of both, our skilled team is here to meet all your project needs.

Helping YOU Remodel

Why DIY your Cut & Edge Project

Make the Smart Choice

Imagine saving hundreds on the middle man by doing it yourself. That’s money you can invest in better materials or other projects. Think of all those stunning DIY transformations you’ve seen online. You can achieve the same impressive results with your own cut and edge project. Join the growing community of DIY enthusiasts. More people are choosing to tackle their kitchen remodel themselves – and loving the results. When you create something with your own hands, it feels more valuable and meaningful. Your DIY cutting and edging project will be a unique addition to your space.

Your Not Alone in Your DIY Journey

You’re not alone in your cutting and edging remodel adventure. DIY Superstore is here to support you every cut, edge and victory along the way.

3D Computerised Designing: Using our 3D computerised designing (CAD) software, you get to design your own custom kitchen cabinets or bedroom cupboards, visualising your project before you even start. This software allows you to maximise board usage, saving you material and costs to invest back into your vision.

Delivery Services: For your convenience, we offer delivery services, making it easy to get all your materials without the hassle.

Excellent Customer Service: There’s a reason the local community continues to vote us the best kitchen outfitters in Bloemfontein. Our excellent customer service ensures you always have the help you need.

Top Board Supplier Brands: We supply top brands like Sonae and PG Bison. Haven’t heard of them? Check out their entire range of melamine boards and Formica Tops in store.

Design Your Dream Space Tailored to Your Needs

Ever wonder why some homes feel instantly welcoming? Our blog taps into the secrets of design to transform your space effortlessly. With a blend of inspiration and our cutting and edging service, we guide you through creating the perfect kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space.

Board Cutting

Precision is key when it comes to board cutting, and our state-of-the-art equipment ensures every cut is made with accuracy. Whether you need Melamine boards cut to specific sizes or custom shapes, we’ve got you covered.

Board Edging

Edging not only enhances the appearance of your boards but also extends their lifespan. Our edging services guarantee a smooth and durable finish on Formica Tops and other materials, adding a professional touch to your projects.

CNC Cutting

Our CNC cutting technology allows us to deliver intricate designs and precise cuts with unmatched accuracy. Perfect for detailed woodworking projects, custom furniture, and more.

Got a unique project? Our custom cutting and edging services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen! Share this page on your social media, to get your friends excited about your next DIY Project. Click on the social icons below.

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