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Five Unique Design Styles: Innovus Collection

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We recently discussed how post-modern design emerged as a response to modernism, leading to today’s reimagining of individual preferences. Understanding contemporary design styles is crucial, but only if it aligns with your personal taste. Here, we explore five unique design styles and show how our Innovus collection can enhance your home.

Transitional Interior Design Style

In an era of limitless choices, transitional styles remain highly popular. This style, often described as the “happy medium” of interior design, blends traditional elegance with contemporary lines and textures. Think classic elegance meets modern simplicity—practical yet stylish.

Transitional style emphasizes minimalism, with accessories used sparingly and deliberately. A natural flow in layout and a thoughtful use of color are essential. Use area rugs and decorative pillows wisely, and choose clean colors for the backdrop. Transitional styles are perfect for hallways, landings, and entranceways.

Our unicolour selection complements this style beautifully, especially when combining clean whites and creams with darker hues.

Rustic Interior Design Style

Rustic design evokes a rugged, earthy feel, celebrating natural beauty. This style highlights organic elements like wooden sculptures, stone floors, and plant life, focusing less on clean lines and more on the character of your pieces.

Imperfections in a wooden table or subtle rust in metalwork add charm, and natural light enhances these features. Elements like a warm fire or indoor plants complement the rustic aesthetic.

Innovus’ Woodgrain category excels in this style. From the warm, subtle décor of Aurora to the rich, enticing textures of Kingswood, our Woodgrains embody rustic charm.

Industrial Interior Design Style

Industrial design, though trendy today, has historic roots in urban spaces and repurposed factory buildings. Originating from the late industrial revolution, this style reflects a love for raw, unfinished materials and structures.

Expect exposed piping, overhead beams, and metal ventilation ducts. Industrial style contrasts with the intimacy of rustic design, offering solid and masculine textures.

Innovus’ Fantasies category fits this style perfectly. From the relaxed yet strong Foundry to the sleek Urban Steel, these designs capture the essence of architectural development.

Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclectic design combines a diverse range of materials and sources, creating a rich, cultural interior. It’s a meticulous approach, focusing on a curated collection of pieces that enhance the overall aesthetic.While eclectic style might seem like “anything goes,” it requires careful planning to avoid looking busy or distracting. Stick to neutral palettes with sparing use of accent colors, and balance texture and color thoughtfully.Our Innovus Unicolour selection provides the ideal backdrop for eclectic interiors.

Minimalist Interior Design Style

Minimalism, often inspired by Japanese design, follows the philosophy of “less is more.” This style is about simplicity, using pure forms and clean finishes without complicated lines.

Minimalist design employs neutral color schemes with a few primary color accents. Focus on textures and patterns, and choose furniture that is both practical and functional. Pieces that double as storage solutions are especially valuable in minimalist interiors. This style is not for those who dislike empty spaces.

The versatility of our Unicolour range, combined with our Fantasies collection, is perfect for minimalist designs.

Timeless Style and Practical Choices

Design styles evolve, but understanding their origins helps you blend and contrast them effectively. Whether you prefer industrial, modern, or rustic, our collection offers styles and décors to enhance and refresh your home interior.

For more information on our wood-based decorative panels and services, see our Innovus range.

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