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Promac Easycoat Roofcote Acrylic

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Revitalise your home with Promac Easycoat Roofcote Acrylic! This versatile, semi-matt acrylic paint offers unparalleled durability for roofs, walls, and more. Enjoy all-weather protection, excellent adhesion, and easy application across a variety of surfaces. With its eco-friendly formula, achieve a professional finish effortlessly while keeping your environment safe.

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Elevate Your Exterior with Promac Easycoat Roofcote Acrylic

High-Quality, Versatile Coating

Promac Easycoat Roofcote Acrylic is your go-to semi-matt coating for a wide range of surfaces. Whether you’re looking to revamp your roof, walls, or even outdoor paving, this acrylic paint is engineered for tile, cement, and galvanized surfaces. It’s also perfect for PVC, wood, and steel with the right preparation.

Unmatched Durability and Performance

Experience all-weather protection and water resistance like never before. Easycoat Roofcote Acrylic ensures your surfaces withstand the test of time with excellent adhesion and flexibility. Plus, with its low odour and alkali resistance, your painting project becomes a breeze.

Effortless Application and Coverage

Achieve professional results with ease. This product spreads smoothly over surfaces, covering approximately 6-8 m² per liter per coat. Its versatility allows for application with a brush, roller, or spray equipment, ensuring a flawless finish for both smooth and rough surfaces.

Eco-Friendly and Easy Clean-Up

Promac prioritises your health and the environment. Easycoat Roofcote Acrylic’s water-based formula ensures low odour and easy clean-up. Simply rinse your tools with water after use, keeping your workspace and the environment clean.

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Transform your home with Promac Easycoat Roofcote Acrylic! Discover the ultimate semi-matt coating for roofs, walls, and pavings in Bloemfontein. Enjoy all-weather protection, or continue browsing our Promac paint range or Acrylic Paint

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For a detailed description and benefits of Roofcote Acrylic, including its application on various surfaces, weather and water resistance, and easy clean-up process, please refer directly to Promac Paints’ official page. This source provides comprehensive insights into the product’s specifications and usage instructions. Visit Promac Paints for more information.

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Paint Colour

White, Charcoal, Ebony, Black, Grey, Graphite, Anthracite, Heritage Green, Fire Red, Ox Blood, Tan, Terracotta

Paint Size

5L, 20L


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