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Flat Bar 6M

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Flat bars are used in a wide range of structural applications, such as supports, braces, straps and plates.


Flat Bars are long, rectangular-shaped metal bars, flat and rectangular in form. This material is easy to cut, weld, machine and form.

Additional information

Size (Width X Thickness)

12MM X 3MM, 16MM X 3MM, 20MM X 3MM, 25MM X 3MM, 30MM X 3MM, 40MM X 3MM, 50MM X 3MM, 100MM X 6MM, 100MM X 8MM, 100MM X 10MM, 100MM X 12MM, 100MM X 16MM, 100MM X 20MM, 130MM X 8MM, 130MM X 10MM, 150MM X 8MM, 150MM X 10MM, 150MM X 16MM, 150MM X 20MM, 20MM X 5MM, 20MM X 6MM, 25MM X 5MM, 25MM X 6MM, 25MM X 10MM, 30MM X 5MM, 30MM X 6MM, 30MM X 8MM, 30MM X 10MM, 40MM X 5MM, 40MM X 6MM, 40MM X 8MM, 40MM X 10MM, 50MM X 5MM, 50MM X 6MM, 50MM X 8MM, 50MM X 10MM, 50MM X 12MM, 60MM X 6MM, 60MM X 8MM, 60MM X 10MM, 70MM X 6MM, 70MM X 8MM, 70MM X10MM, 80MM X 6MM, 80MM X 8MM, 80MM X 10MM, 80MM X 12MM, 80MM X 20MM


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