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Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant 280ml

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Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant is a coloured wood sealant that is flexible and water resistant.  Ideal for sealing joints between wooden floors and walls, skirting boards, parquet floors, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes and other wooden substrates.

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Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant 280ml – Versatile and Durable Wood Sealant for All Your DIY Projects

Welcome to DIY Superstore, your one-stop shop for all your DIY needs! We are proud to offer the Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant 280ml, a premium and reliable solution for sealing joints and gaps in wooden surfaces. As a result, this flexible and water-resistant wood sealant is perfect for a wide range of applications, from sealing wooden floors and skirting boards to kitchen cupboards and parquet floors. For this reason, it has exceptional adhesion properties and versatile compatibility with various materials, this product is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or professional tradesperson.

Benefits of Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant:

  1. Flexibility and Durability: The Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant is specially formulated to remain flexible even after application, accommodating natural movements of wood and preventing unsightly cracks or gaps. Its durability ensures long-lasting protection, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and dynamic wooden surfaces.
  2. Water Resistance: This wood sealant is designed to withstand moisture and water exposure, making it perfect for both interior and exterior applications. Feel confident knowing that your wooden surfaces are protected against potential water damage and rot.
  3. Matt Finish & Low Shrinkage: The sealant dries to a smooth, matt finish that seamlessly blends with the surrounding wood, providing an aesthetically pleasing result. Its low shrinkage formulation ensures that the seal remains intact, maintaining a consistent and reliable barrier against environmental elements.
  4. Varnish Compatibility: Achieve the desired appearance by applying a varnish over the Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant without compromising its effectiveness. Customize the finish to complement your unique woodworking projects.
  5. Odorless and Heat Resistant: Rest assured that the sealant emits no harsh odors during application, ensuring a comfortable working environment. Additionally, it boasts heat resistance, making it suitable for use near heat sources such as stoves or fireplaces.
  6. Sandable: Easily achieve a smooth and polished surface by sanding the sealed area. The flexibility of the sealant allows for effortless sanding without compromising its sealing properties.

Versatile Applications

The Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealer is highly adaptable and offers excellent adhesion to a variety of materials, including:

  • Wood Species: Suitable for use on a wide range of wood types, including seasoned timber, varnished wood, and fabricated wood.
  • Flooring: Seal joints between wooden floors and walls, parquet boards, and laminate flooring to prevent moisture and debris from seeping through gaps.
  • Skirting Boards: Create a tight seal between floors and skirting boards for a polished and seamless look.
  • Kitchen Cupboards & Wardrobes: Protect wooden kitchen cupboards and wardrobes from water damage and moisture by sealing joints and gaps.
  • Countertops & Splash-backs: Provide a color-matched seal between countertops and splash-backs, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.
  • Window and Door Frames: Ensure a weatherproof seal between walls and window/door frames, preventing drafts and potential water infiltration.


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Important Notes:

  • Not suitable for continuous submersion under water, so avoid using it in areas with constant exposure to water.
  • Avoid applying on certain plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and Teflon, as the sealant may not adhere properly.
  • Not recommended for applications where movement accommodation of more than 15% is required.


Invest in the Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant 280ml and experience the ease and satisfaction of completing your woodworking projects with professional-grade results. Its flexibility, water resistance, and compatibility with various materials make it a reliable and versatile solution for all your wood sealing needs. Shop now at DIY Superstore and take your DIY endeavors to the next level with this exceptional product. Enjoy durable, long-lasting results with Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant 280ml!

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