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ABE Duraflex 15KG

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Cementitious flexible waterproofing slurry.

DIY Superstore’s ABE Duraflex 15KG is a quality product designed for waterproofing, tanks showers and reservoirs. It can be easily applied using a spray application. Duraflex is a ready to use flexible slurry based on a special synthetic resin dispersion and a blend of selected cements mixed with carefully graded aggregate.

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Typical Physical Properties:

Nominal coverage

2 kg/m2/mm thick/coat (2 coats required)

Pot life

@ 10 oC – 2 hours @ 20 oC – 1 hour
@ 30 oC – 0.5 hours

Hardening time

Resistant to mechanical stress: 3 days Full cure: 7 days

Resistance to water pressure

Attained after 7 days cure Positive pressure: 10 bar Negative pressure: 4 bar

Equivalent concrete cover

180 mm




Additional information


Dura.flex is used for: * Protection and repair of balconies, terraces and haunching concrete of roads and bridges. * Waterproofing of new and old buildings (internal and external). * Waterproofing of tanks, containers and water reservoirs.


* Excellent waterproof barrier. * Effective on negative or positive side. * High bond strength. * Excellent freeze/thaw resistance. * Excellent resistance to chloride ion penetration. * Brush, trowel, or spray applied. * Reliable application. * Self-curing. * Low in place cost. * Non-toxic. * Good abrasion resistance. * Approved for use in potable water systems.

Bonding / Priming:

No priming required.

Surface Preparation:

All surfaces that are to receive the coating must be free from oil, grease, wax, dirt or any other form of foreign matter that might affect adhesion. Typically concrete may require grit blasting. Spalled surfaces or those containing large blowholes and other such defects should be repaired using ABE Duraflex. If the surface contains small blow holes, typically less than 1 mm wide, the coating can be applied directly onto the substrate without the need for a treatment. Cracks which are less than 0.3 mm in width can be over-coated as long as the crack is not likely to open up to greater than 0.3 mm. Cracks that are greater than 0.3 mm in width should be chased-out to 4 mm in width and approximately 15 mm in depth. This should be filled with ABE Duraflex (applied using less liquid providing a thicker consistency). When the material in the crack has hardened the coating should be applied over the crack.


It is essential to use a mechanical mixer, such as a slow speed electric drill fitted with a suitable paddle. Our Technical Department will be pleased to supply details of blade design. Fill approximately three quarters of component A (milky liquid) into a pail and, with continuous stirring, slowly add component B (greyish powder). Mixing must be continued until the mix is homogeneous and free of lumps. For horizontal surfaces such as the base of reservoirs, add the remaining component A. For other applications add only sufficient component A to provide a suitable consistency. When the two components are mixed together, a plastic thixotropic liquid results which is easy to apply. The very finely dispersed resin component imparts excellent adhesion to concrete, plaster, and natural stone surfaces. Once cured, Duraflex is waterproof and resistant to weathering. It exhibits a high degree of impermeability to water vapour and carbon dioxide. The cured coating is highly flexible and may be used to overbridge hairline cracks up to 0.2 mm in width. Duraflex is nontoxic and contains no chlorides.


Nominal coverage rate: 8 m2/15 kg for 1 mm wet film thickness. The coverage figure given is theoretical due to wastage factors and the variety and nature of possible substrates, practical coverage figures will be reduced. A minimum coverage of 2 kg/m2/mm applied in not less than two coats which is recommended.


Duraflex may be applied to the correctly prepared surface by short bristled block brush, rubber squeegee, trowel or spray. * Brush: using a block brush, Duraflex should be applied in three coats to provide a final dry film thickness of between 2 – 3 mm on surfaces. Alternate coats should be applied at right angles to each other, allowing 16 hours between coats. * Trowel: horizontal surfaces – the first layer of Duraflex should be applied to a thickness of 1 – 1.5 mm. Allow to cure for approximately 16 hours and then apply a second layer using a steel float. dura.flex® should not be applied thicker than 1.5 mm per coat. * Spray: contact our Technical Department for details of the special equipment required. Gloves should be worn when mixing and using Duraflex.

Model Specification:

Two-component, flexible waterproofing slurry. The waterproofing compound shall be Duraflex, a two component, polymer modified, cementitious coating applied in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, ABE.

Handling & Storage:

This product has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry cool place in the original packaging. In more extreme conditions this period might be shortened.


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