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Ruwag STD Metal Drill Bit

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The general purpose, Standard Metal drill bits are rugged and low cost and are suitable for users of all skill levels. They are not as hard wearing as their industrial metal counterparts and are thus better suited for light to medium duty drilling applications around the home.

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– Made of High Speed Steel

– Roll forged

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1.0MM, 1.2MM, 1.5MM, 1.8MM, 2.0MM, 2.2MM, 2.5MM, 2.8MM, 3.0MM, 3.2MM, 3.3MM, 3.5MM, 3.8MM, 4.0MM, 4.1MM, 4.2MM, 4.5MM, 4.8MM, 4.9MM, 5.0MM, 5.2MM, 5.5MM, 5.8MM, 6.0MM, 6.2MM, 6.5MM, 7.0MM, 7.5MM, 8.0MM, 8.5MM, 9.0MM, 9.5MM, 10.0MM, 10.5MM, 11.0MM, 11.5MM, 12.0MM, 12.5MM, 13.0MM, 14.0MM, 15.0MM, 16.0MM, 20.0MM


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