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Galvanised Reducing Bush MxF

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Galvanised Reducing Bush MxF


DIY Superstore’s Ming range of hot dipped malleable iron fitting are each individually pressure testes to ensure pin hole free quality. Each fitting is coated with a light oil to prevent corrosion on the threads which conforms to ISO 7-1 (BSP Standard) and ensure a perfect seal for the fittings lifetime.

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10MM X 8MM, 15MM X 8MM, 15MM X 10MM, 20MM X 8MM, 20MM X 10MM, 20MM X 15MM, 25MM X 15MM, 25MM X 20MM, 32MM X 15MM, 32MM X 20MM, 32MM X 25MM, 40MM X 15MM, 40MM X 20MM, 40MM X 25MM, 40MM X 32MM, 50MM X 15MM, 50MM X 20MM, 50MM X 25MM, 50MM X 32MM, 50MM X 40MM, 65MM X 25MM, 65MM X 32MM, 65MM X 40MM, 65MM X 50MM, 80MM X 40MM, 80MM X 50MM, 80MM X 65MM, 100MM X 40MM, 100MM X 50MM, 100MM X 65MM, 100MM X 80MM


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