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Efekto Clear Up 100ml

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Efekto – Clear Up Weed and Grass Killer – 100ml

The Efekto Clear Up is a foliar applied systemic with non-selective herbicide for the control of annual and perennial weeds and grass in the home garden, with little or no soil activity. It is designed to kill all types of unwanted weeds and grasses down to their roots

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A foliar applied systemic non-selective herbicide. For the control of annual and perennial weeds
and grass in the home garden, with little or no soil activity.

Product features:
– kills all types of weeds and grasses.
– kills weeds and grasses down to the root.
– non-selective.
– economical to use.
– kills unwanted weeds and grasses, roots, and all!

Weed control?

Where to use general weed control:
use along fences, paths, patios, sidewalks, and driveways, around buildings, and in brick and gravel walkways. Do not use for spot weed control in lawns since glyphosate kills all green plants, including lawn grasses.

Spot spraying:
use on actively growing weeds in and around, ornamental trees, fruit and nut trees, fences, driveways, and walkways. Spray when air is calm. Make sure this product does not contact the leaves, green stems, or exposed roots of plants you do not want to kill. If necessary, use cardboard or plastic to shield plants. This product will not move in or on the soil to untreated plants.

use to prepare areas for planting of ornamentals, trees, shrubs, rock gardens, flower beds or similar plantings.

Lawn renovation:
use this product to kill existing weeds and grasses including the existing lawn. For best results, apply in spring or autumn, when daytime temperatures are at least 15 c. Do not mow for 7 days before or after treatment. After 7 days, prepare the soil for planting by raking or rototilling the lawn. Rake up and remove loosened thatch or debris. Apply seed according to directions on seed package.

Where can it be used?
On patios, walkways, driveways, along fences, in large areas for lawn replacement.

Active ingredients:
– 360 g glyphosate (glycine) a.e. / l; (contains 441 g potassium salt of glyphosate/ l)

– do not inhale fumes or spray mist.
– irritating to eyes and skin.
– do not smoke eat or drink while using.
– can be corrosive to zinc-line spray pumps.
– do not mix, store or apply clear up weed and grass killer spray solutions in galvanized steel or unlined steel (except stainless steel) containers or spray pumps.
– clear up weed and grass killer can react with such containers to produce hydrogen gas which may form a highly combustible and explosive gas mixture.

Spray drift or direct contact onto leaves or green stems of desirable plants can result in serious damage.

in case of accidental contact with skin or eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water and in the case of eyes, get medical attention if necessary. Store under lock and key, away from food, feedstuffs, seed, fertilizers and agricultural chemicals. Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.

What’s in the box
1 x 100ml Clear Up Herbicide


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